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Cold vs. Warm Water

Cold waters tend to have less seafood species but larger quantities of those species, whereas warm waters have more variety of species, but smaller quantities of each.

Fresh vs. Salt Water

Fish can be wild-caught or farmed in both fresh and salt water, and both require careful management of population and pollutants to protect ecosystems and safe consumption.

Natural Habitats

As much as possible, it’s best to allow fish to flourish in their natural habitats. As aquaculture has advanced over the last few decades, this can be achieved in wild and farmed populations.

Wild - Caught & Aquaculture

Wild - Caught Seafood

Sustainable wild-caught seafood is legally caught, secure from poaching and protected from overfishing. We require our suppliers to demonstrate that they minimize damage to fish habitats and use effective strategies to avoid bycatch. We source wild-caught products that are:

  • MSC certified or from suppliers undergoing full MSC assessment;
  • Recognized by the GSSI benchmark;
  • From credible, publicly documented Fishery Improvement Projects that are demonstrating true progress;
  • OceanWise™-recommended or rated Best Choice or Good Alternative by Seafood Watch™.

Farm Raised Seafood

Experts increasingly agree that responsible, sustainable aquaculture is essential to meet the world’s growing demand for seafood. In addition to disclosing the sources of our farmed seafood through the Sustainable Fisheries Partnership’s Ocean Disclosure Project, we source farmed products that are:

  • Recognized by the GSSI benchmark;
  • Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC)-certified or from suppliers undergoing full ASC assessment;
  • Global Aquaculture Alliance Best Aquaculture Practices (1-4 stars)-certified;
  • From credible, publicly documented Aquaculture Improvement Projects;
  • OceanWise™-recommended or rated Best Choice or Good Alternative by Seafood Watch™.


Our Roadmap for a Sustainable Future

Sustainably Sourced. No Matter the Source.

We are committed to sourcing seafood from sustainable or responsible sources (wild-caught and farmed).